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Electrical Inspections


On March 1, 2009 the state of IOWA started requiring electrical permits and inspections. Below is a list of when an electrical permit is required along with who you should contact for the permit. If you have any questions, you will need to contact the state electrical inspector supervisor for your county. Just to remind all members, Grundy County REC cannot set any meters without receiving a State of Iowa Electrical Service Release.
NEW CONSTRUCTION: Electrical permits will be required for all new electrical installations including residential, commercial, and industrial in all areas of the state that are not currently under the jurisdiction of a political subdivision which performs electrical inspections.
EXISTING CONSTRUCTION: Electrical permits will be required for all new installations and alterations unlessall of the following conditions apply: (1) The installation is under the direct supervision of a licensed electrician. (2) The installation does not in any way involve work within a new or existing switchboard or panelboard. (3) The line to ground installation does not exceed 30 amperes. (4) The line to ground installation does not exceed 277 volts single phase.
ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: Electrical permits will not be required for routine maintenance. Routine Maintenance has been defined as “the repair or replacement of existing electrical apparatus or equipment of the same size and type for which no changes in wiring are made”.
 For more information, contact the State Electrical Inspector  in your area. For Black Hawk and Butler the inspection supervisor is Chuck Carpenter 319-415-4952 For Marshall and Tama counties the inspection supervisor is Pat Hansen 319-430-4916 The supervisor for Grundy and Hardin is Dwight Kramer 515-290-0629. The county inspectors are: Butler and Grundy, Kyle Wedeking 641-228-0180, Black Hawk, Chuck Carpenter 319-415-4952, Black Hawk Ag., Dan Youngblood 319-291-4319, Marshall and Tama, Tim Shaw 515-205-8815, Hardin, Dwight Kramer 515-290-0629.To make an application for a permit and to request an inspection you will need to go to or call your area electrical inspector supervisor.