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Saturday, June 19, 2004

One pound raw, peeled, and deveined large shrimp

One fresh Jalapeno pepper

1/2 pound thinnly sliced bacon strips


Barbeque sauce

Wash the shrimp thoroughly in fresh cold water. Make sure that the shrimp has been peeled and deveined. Slice the Jalepeno pepper into thin strips (approx. 1/16" wide). Insert a Jalepeno strip into the slit where the vein was removed. Now take the shrimp and roll a strip of bacon around it to hold the pepper in the slit. Secure the bacon on the shrimp with a toothpick. Place these on a hot grill around 300 degrees. When the bacon is cooked and slightly crispy on the edges, baste them with a thin coating of your favorite barbeque sauce. Remove from heat and enjoy hot or cold.
If your shrimp has not been peeled and deveined: The outer shell is easily peeled off. If the legs are still on the shrimp, remove them with the shell. Make a shallow slit in the back of the shrimp and remove the sand vein that is there. Wash out this area thoroughly so no sand is left. Yuck, I hat biting into a piece of sand.

I like to cut the bacon in half so it will cook faster. If you cook shrimp too long it can get tough and chewy.

Wear gloves when slicing the Jalepeno. Wash hands thoroughly when finished.
Jim Dunston
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