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Garage Safety

Hanging tools helps you stay organized and can also prevent accidents.


Is your garage overflowing with tools, garden and yard supplies, bikes and kids’ toys, and more? Perhaps it’s time to organize the junk and make your garage safer at the same time. These tips are from the Home Safety Council.


  • Check all of the bottles and boxes of products. If you see words such as “Caution,” “Poison,” and similar language, take heed. Make sure these products are stored high enough that kids and pets can’t get into them and that they are stored at the proper temperature, such as away from heat. Keep them in their original containers so they won’t be mistaken for another product. Especially if you have children in your home, store all poisons in a locked safety cabinet.
  • Make sure that shelves are securely attached to the wall to avoid tip-overs. Don’t overload shelves and place heavier items lower on the shelves.
  • Place hooks and brackets out of children’s reach.
  • Hang tools, folding chairs, toys, hoses, cords, and other “hangable” items on the wall out of high traffic areas and organize sports gear and other “nonhangables” in baskets, tubs, or shelves to keep them corralled.
  • Place electrical and sharp tools in a locked cabinet out of children’s reach and store any safety equipment, such as goggles, close by.

Prevent Injuries

  • Keep steps, the floor, and entries clear of clutter.
  • Be wary of storing gasoline in the garage. If you must store it, use a specially made gas can, and keep it closed. A tiny spark is all it takes to cause an explosion.
  • Keep dust cleaned out to avoid problems with the electrical system.
  • Dispose of any gas-soaked rags to prevent fires.
  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning by never running your car, a generator, or a barbeque grill in the garage.
  • Test your garage door opener’s auto reverse safety feature by placing a paper towel or other object under the door. If the door closes all the way, it could injure you or a child.
  • Provide adequate lighting for moving around the garage and performing tasks.
  • If you store a refrigerator in your garage, secure with a child-proof lock.

Source: Home Safety Council


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