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Unclaimed Patronage Dividends... Where Are They?

Unclaimed Patronage Dividends... Where Are They?

Monday, January 12, 2015






Grundy County REC is holding unclaimed property resulting from patronage dividend refunds due to the persons listed below.  Please contact the REC office at 319-824-5251 or 1-800-390-7605 if you have any information on these people.  If the person is deceased, we would appreciate the name of the next of kin so we can contact them.  If Grundy County REC does not hear from the owner within six (6) months, we are allowed to retain this property in accordance with Iowa law or deliver this property to the State Treasurer’s Office for disposition as abandoned property.


Shiela Austin                        Deb Lindaman

Troy A. Barfels                      LeRoy D./Gail L. Lursen

Jeff Becker                          Darryl L./Doreen L. Maser

Kenneth/Kimberly Brady               Tony G./Kristi J. Maxwell

David S. Cady                        LaVerne/Janice Mendel

Wayne L./Darla Carpenter             Michael/Christine Miller

Paul A. Christiansen                 Leland/Deborah Morrison

Bill L. Cochenour                    William/Mary Ann Muller

Kathy D. Colby                       Michael J. O’Connor

Gary A./Jill L. Cross                Donald P. Pepperling

Luella M. Deterding                  Todd D. Petry

Curtis D. Donohue                    Robert H./Patricia Renken

Patrick M./Jodi Dooley               Jack P./Vicki S. Sexton

Michael N./Rollinda Dorr             Brian L./Cheryl L. Smith

Deanna M. Drew                       Marjorie J. Stanford

Lee W. Drinovsky                     Barbara A. Teckenburg

Bryan L. Ellenbecker                 Scott W./Cindy L. Tuttle

Jennifer J. Elliott                  Audrey M. Upah

Shari L. Emmons                      Dennis W. Weaver

David R. Faber                       Betty M. Whorrall

Carol A. Ferguson                    Melisa A. Wood

Eric S./Michele L. Frueh             Scott A./Mary A. Zobel

David A./Jayne E. Gilmore            Geoffrey Dunkelberg

Brett E./Kathleen Gleason            Ted W. Gaunt

Gregory/Kim Goodenbour

Amy A. Groninga                     

Mitchell/Mary Hagenow

Jeff A. Hansen

Dallas D./Mary K. Harken            

Thomas/Vonice Hoffman               

Allen B./Becky L. Hyett             

Alice S. Johnson                    

Charles R./Esther Johnson

David A. Johnson

Erick J./Edith M. Kadlec

John E. Kiger

Steven G. Koch

Wesley L. Kriegel

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