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Pull the Plug Appliance Recycling Program

Friday, April 23, 2010




Pull The Plug Appliance Recycling Program - 2011 

What can be recycled: refrigerators, freezers and window air conditioners in operating condition.


Benefits to the member: $25 rebate per approved qualifying appliance (maximum 3 appliance rebates per year); free collection of appliance; reduced energy consumption.


Environmental Services of Iowa (ESI), a certified and licensed recycling company, will do the appliance collection and recycling.


Collection Process


  1. Member contacts Grundy County REC by phone to request collection of appliance.  Grundy County REC will verify member’s information and gathers other data, including daytime phone number, to complete the online information form.
  2. Grundy County REC completes form and electronically submits it to ESI.
  3. If a Grundy County REC member would like to electronically subnit a request for collection the REC member can click on Pull the Plug Membership will still be verifyed before pickup.
  4. Within one business day, ESI will contact the member to verify information on form, determine if the member has other items for collection (at the member’s own expense) and establish an estimated collection date within 3 weeks of the initial contact with the exception of months December through March collection time will be extended to 4 or 5 weeks. ESI will provide the member with recommended safety procedures in connection with placing appliances outside.
  5. If member will not be there at the collection time, ESI will mail a sticker to be placed on the eligible appliance to indicate that appliance is to be picked up.
  6. Two to three days before the estimated collection date, ESI will contact the member to confirm date and estimated time of collection.
  7. On the collection date, ESI will contact the member before scheduled pickup time to verify a more precise time.
  8. Eligible appliances must be left on the curb or at a readily accessible location at the residence on the scheduled collection date. ESI employees will not enter a residence.
  9. ESI will verify that the appliance is in working condition. If the appliance does not qualify for the program or ESI makes a trip and finds no appliance at the location, member will be billed $25.  Members will be charged $25 per each appliance they want picked up beyond the program items.
  10. ESI will issue a rebate check to the member after the pickup is completed; it will arrive by mail within a few days. 


ESI is a certified recycling company. It will de-manufacture all appliances and properly dispose of all hazardous materials. No appliances will be reconditioned or disposed of in any other manner than the appropriate recycling process. ESI contact: 866-993-1870;


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